Horse Saddles

Horse saddles are not one-size-fits-all. Every breed of horse has a unique design and specification. Because of this, it is impossible to generalize about the quality of horse saddles and compare them with one another. Rather, it is necessary to look at each saddle on a horse and judge its suitability according to the horse’s needs. In order to give you a clearer idea of the prices and types of horse saddles available in the market today, here are some factors that need your consideration:

types of horse saddles

The first factor that you need to consider when shopping for Western saddles is its comfort level

Most English saddles are characterized by their tall horn, large cantle, deep seat, wide angle, wide stirrups, deep breast, and wide arm). Western horse saddles also have several additional components, such as their tree, bell, horn, cinch, and stirrups. With Western saddles, comfort is a crucial factor because the saddle must provide an adequate amount of padding to protect the rider’s body from injury during rides. A quality leather saddle will last a life time, although saddle buyers usually recommend changing saddle after just two years.

The second factor that you should consider when shopping for a horse saddle is its durability

The average price of a horse saddle is inversely proportional to its durability. An expensive saddle will definitely be durable but may not last for a long time. The same goes for a lower quality saddle. On the other hand, a poor quality saddle will generally deteriorate in a short period of time and may even break down before you knew it. It is therefore important to purchase a horse saddle with good durability that won’t lose its value or depreciate too quickly.

Another important consideration when buying Western saddles is appearance

Appearance is often thought of as a secondary feature when it comes to horse saddles. However, it should not be discounted because riders expect to see horse saddle that looks good. In this matter, you have the option between traditional western saddles with their classic round skirt and flying duffle, or you can opt for modern day styles such as the fly-belly or the double piebald saddle.

Which saddle should you get?

If you are planning to ride only one horse, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on saddles. In fact, there are several models that can be considered for one horse. Traditional Western saddles may require you to buy more than one saddle, depending on the size of your horse. Fly-belly and double piebald saddles may require you to purchase a single saddle and also a second set of saddle pads. So if you are planning to ride more than one horse, this is not a viable option.

Another aspect of Western saddles is the type of saddle made from which they are made. Firstly, the English saddle is made from English leather; it is stiffer and broader than the western style saddle. English saddles also have a natural rubber sole. It may seem a bit awkward to mount an English saddle but the quality of this saddle will give you a firm grip and your horse will be comfortable. This breed was brought to America by Sir Henry Ford, so there is no doubt about the quality of these saddles.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to using English saddles when you are into competition. The foremost disadvantage is of course the price. A high quality English saddle will cost you a bit, while others may only cost you a few dollars. On the other hand, cowboy saddles are the most expensive among all the saddles and are best suited for competition and serious roping or barrel racing. Since they were originally used for war purposes, they are also very sturdy. Moreover, it is believed that these types of saddles give the riders a better performance.

If you are planning to buy an English or American saddle, then there are also many stores and companies that sell good quality Western show saddles at reasonable prices. You may want to visit the Internet for more information about these saddles. A great advantage of buying online is that you can check out various companies and compare their prices before making a decision. Therefore, by using the Internet, you can save money and get the perfect fit.