Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are a piece of saddlecloth that is used in order to protect and provide comfort to a horse’s back while riding. Saddle padding comes in many different types, sizes, materials and styles. Some types of saddle pads include buckram, sisal, nylon, rubber and synthetic materials all used for the purpose of padding the horse’s saddle. Saddle padding can be either in the form of thick cotton pads, or in the form of small cloth or plastic strips attached to the saddle. The most common of these are sisal, nylon and buckram.

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Difference Between Withers & Saddle Pads

The main difference between withers and saddle pads is that withers are typically made from materials that allow them to wither at a very fast rate. Saddle pads on the other hand, are only made from synthetic materials that allow them to stretch out more slowly. These usually come in two different forms. One type of pad has a loop on one end that can be attached to the saddle, usually through the bursa Velorum by sewing them together. The other type of saddle pads have a Velcro hook attachment on the same end that can be attached to the saddle in order to be removed.

What is a Withers?

Withers are specialized pads that can heal and provide comfort to a horse in a shorter period of time. They are specifically designed to do just this by coating the area of the skin directly underneath the loose skin of the horse. The result is a decrease in inflammation. Withers also serve to decrease sore spots on horses as well as decrease pain. A sore spot, or inflammation, occurs when a small area of tissue in the skin is irritated because it has come into contact with an inflamed area of the tissue. Withers are very useful in relieving pain and healing inflammation in horses.

Some specialty pads will also serve to help a horse relax. There are two types of relaxation saddle pads. One type is made from a memory foam material that moulds itself to the horse. This pad acts as a massaging tool that helps to calm a horse. While this may seem to be a little silly for something to help calm a horse, it does help many horses relax when placed under saddle pads.

What is a Neoprene?

The second type of saddle pads that are commonly found are made from neoprene. Neoprene is a very flexible material similar to those that are used in swimming pools. It is light weight and allows a neoprene sleeve to be attached to the underside of the saddle pad. When the neoprene is deflated, it can simply be pulled off to reveal a nice soft wool underneath.

Innovative Designs of Saddle Pad

Saddle pad manufacturers have recently come up with some innovative designs that use pressure points in order to make a pad comfortable. In order to provide a comfortable pad for a horse, pressure points such as the J point are targeted by the special foam. As a result, a horse is better protected from both sides of the shock as well as reducing the chance of them getting pinched around areas such as the ribs or behind the shank.

Horsemen often like saddle pads which provide them with a sense of security. This is why so many people are now opting for saddle pads which do not use memory foam. Instead, they are designed using a rubber core and is therefore firmer and more durable. This means that the pad provides a greater degree of comfort and safety to riders.

Withers is another area that is being targeted by manufacturers. Oftentimes, withers occur when horses back problems occur. Saddle pads with a contoured shape are contoured withers. Contoured withers conform to the shape of a horses back so that it is less likely to be injured. This can really help to ensure that the best protection is provided for the animal and it helps to ensure that a horse is more comfortable and relaxed.